Friday, November 4, 2011

Organic on a budget?

I like buying organic.  I get the environmental part.   Really, I do.  I know it is healthier.  Pesticides, nutritional amount, etc.  I understand it all. 

It seems, however, that my checking acccunt does not agree. 

Organic food is expensive. 

So here's the rub:  I know its better.  But I simply cannot afford to go all organic. 

So here I am, feeding my kids food that's not organic thinking about all of the sprays and junk and possible outcomes with a smile plastered to my face as though everything were just fine.

Seriously, who can afford some of those prices? 

What is there to do?

Here's a little list a friend passed on to make it a little easier.  I keep it on my fridge to remember when I'm making my list. 

Top five big-bad-meanies when it comes to pesticides.  these guys soak up those chemicals like no tomorrow.  Definitely buy these organic if you can:
1) Celery
2) Peaches
3) Strawberries
4) Apples
5) Blueberries

The next five are not so bad.  These you can buy conventional and not worry:
1) Onions
2) Avocado
3) Sweet corn (yum!!)
4) Pineapple (super yum!!!)
5) Mangos  (um, maybe you like them)

Do you buy organic?


  1. That list is helpful. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the info.! I agree - expensive. I buy most produce organic, but the price of peppers is insane!

  3. I know! I'm with you on the expense. Organic berries always seem outrageously priced. But then again, they are on the list. Ack! Produce dilemmas.

  4. I hear ya!! It's so expensive. I try to buy some things organic...but just can't afford it all. I haven't given my baby meat yet because I want to give her only organic but she won't eat much can I justify paying 100x the price?? UGH!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I'm following you on GFC!
    Letters from Momma

  5. Thank you for sharing this helpful list. I will definitely refer to it. Visiting from Bloggy Moms and new follower.

  6. I love this list. We have it posted in our kitchen for when we are going to the market!!

  7. Thanks for sharing this list. I haven't been buying organic, but I might have to buy these ones. I did start gardening a couple years ago. I freeze veggies and have them all winter. It's been a lot of work, but rewarding.