Monday, November 21, 2011

Work from home #1

Sitting in a doctor's office waiting room, I filled out pages and pages of information.  To my surprise and pleasure, when it came to the employment area, "Full-time parent" was listed as one of the choices!

I just about fell out of my chair.  (which probably would have alarmed the doctor's office staff!)

I was so happy, I wanted to hug the man sitting next to me.  (Though by the sounds of his lung-crumbling cough, I don't think it would have been good for my health to have contact with him.)

At home moms (SAHM's) are a busy group.  We cook, clean, run around town, hold the family calendar and, as a financial advisor once told me, tend to manage the household finances.  Working moms often do all of the same only after they get home from an already busy day at work!

Regardless of whether a mom is at home or work outside of the home, money-earning and money-saving tips are always welcome.  (Provided they are good tips and not of the Invest-$10K-With-Us-And-We'll-Make-You-Rich-In-An-Hour kind of tip your Uncle Robbie can't stop talking about at family gatherings.)

I am picky.  I will not spend my time on anything that will earn me $0.05 per hour of survey-taking or anything that will suck up so much time, my kids will be neglected.

Here is a tip I found recently with a reputable organization:

Make Money Scanning Your Groceries!

I have signed up, and it was a breeze!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Making mom happy

What a great book!

Habit #2: Maintain Key Friendships

I know that I am a better mom because of the close friendships I have with other women.  These great women keep me grounded, they pass on lessons they have learned as moms, and they are compassionate, understanding listeners when I just need to vent.

What are your key friendships?

How do they help you as a mom?

How do you maintain these in the daily whirlwind that is mothering??

Friday, November 4, 2011

Organic on a budget?

I like buying organic.  I get the environmental part.   Really, I do.  I know it is healthier.  Pesticides, nutritional amount, etc.  I understand it all. 

It seems, however, that my checking acccunt does not agree. 

Organic food is expensive. 

So here's the rub:  I know its better.  But I simply cannot afford to go all organic. 

So here I am, feeding my kids food that's not organic thinking about all of the sprays and junk and possible outcomes with a smile plastered to my face as though everything were just fine.

Seriously, who can afford some of those prices? 

What is there to do?

Here's a little list a friend passed on to make it a little easier.  I keep it on my fridge to remember when I'm making my list. 

Top five big-bad-meanies when it comes to pesticides.  these guys soak up those chemicals like no tomorrow.  Definitely buy these organic if you can:
1) Celery
2) Peaches
3) Strawberries
4) Apples
5) Blueberries

The next five are not so bad.  These you can buy conventional and not worry:
1) Onions
2) Avocado
3) Sweet corn (yum!!)
4) Pineapple (super yum!!!)
5) Mangos  (um, maybe you like them)

Do you buy organic?