Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall tantrums

I love fall.  I absolutely love it. 

The cool down after summer.  The changing leaves.  The apple orchard.

OK, truth be told, I do not enjoy the hassle of convincing my kids that coats really are necessary or the extra time it takes to actually get our family out the door and off to school in the morning.


I do love pulling out my favorite sweater.  And that vest I can wear with a turtle neck and jeans.

The other day, when it was crisp and clear, we pulled our patio furniture under the tree in the yard, brought out a couple blankets and snacks, and played Clue Jr.  ( Very fun game, by the way. ).

But then, our youngest got bored.  Mayhem began.  She scrambled on the table, threatened with great determination to reveal the missing toy and the animal who had stashed it, and sent older brother screaming that the game was ruined.  I swear, the sheer noise of it sent migrating geese further on their way and caused more leaves to drop.

With Dad prying the little cardboard pieces out of our daughter's death-grip, I rushed inside for distraction tools.  Something, anything, to get my peaceful happy family time back.

I ran back out of the house waving fall favorites overhead calling, "Books!"

Both kids swirled to see what I had, Clue Jr. long forgotten.  Dad quickly stashed the cardboard pieces safely back in the box.

My kids and I crammed into one chair, blanket across us all, and read.  Dad dozed in his chair getting himself some much needed rest before the week started up.

It was a peaceful, happy moment for us all.

Mom On the Edge


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